CMX Professional Series Fuse Kit with Normal, Mini & Maxi Fuses & Fuse Holders CMXFK

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High quality fuse assortment kit in a durable case complete with normal, mini & maxi fuses as well as fuse holders & covers. Ideal for use by professionals who require a selection of parts on the go. / Colour: / Contents: Normal blade fuses - 7.5A x 15pcs, 10A x 30pcs, 15A x 30pcs, 20A x 25pcs, 25A x 20pcs, 30A x 25pcs; Mini blade fuses - 7.5A x 8pcs, 10A x 25pcs, 15A x 25pcs, 20A x 25pcs, 25A x 10pcs, 30A x 10pcs; Maxi blade fuses - 30A x 3pcs, 40A x 3pcs, 50A x 8pcs, 60A x 8pcs, 70A x 3pcs, Mini fuse holder & cover, Maxi fuse holder & cover, Normal PA66 6.3mm tab 1p link x 2, Normal 2.5mm² red w. 1p cover x 1

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