CMX Professional Series Cord End Terminal Assortment Kit Including CMX Series Ratchet Hand Tool CMXEK

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High quality cord end terminal assortment kit in a durable case complete with a high quality ratchet crimping tool and crimping dies to suit all terminals. Ideal for use by professionals who require a selection of parts on the go. / Colour: / Contents: Cord End Terminals - 0.5mm² orange x 200pcs, 0.75mm² white x 200pcs, 1mm² yellow x 200pcs, 1.5mm² red x 100pcs, 2.5mm² blue x 100pcs, 4mm² grey x 60pcs, 6mm² black x 50pcs, 10mm² cream x 25pcs, 6mm² green x 25pcs; Uninsulated end terminals - 0.5mm² x 500pcs, 0.75mm² x 500pcs, 1mm² x 500pcs, 1.5mm² x 500pcs, 2.5mm² x 400pcs, 4mm² x 100pcs, 6mm² x 100pcs, 10mm² x 100pcs, 16mm² x 50pcs, ratchet crimping tool x 1, crimping die to suit 0.5mm-4mm², crimping die to suit 6-16mm²

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