Black General Purpose 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing Mini Reel CHSMR1.2

Size Guide

The inner diameter of the heat shrink chosen is 1.2mm. The recommended bundle diameter for this heat shrink size is 0.7mm - 1.0mm. This heat shrink is 2:1 ratio, meaning the heat shrink will shrink to half of its original size.

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Flexible 2:1 single wall heat shrink tubing for insulating and/or bundling wires and cables. Excellent electrical and physical properties. Ideal for application in wire harnesses, machinery and general manufacturing industries / Material: Polyolefin / Shrink Ratio: 2:1 / Lining: Non-Adhesive / Working Temperature: -55°C to +125°C / Shrink Temperature: 90°C / Pre-shrink Diameter: 1.2mm - 25.4mm / Post Shrink Diameter: 0.6mm - 12.7mm / Pre-shrink Lay-flat Width: 1.9mm - 40mm / Colour: Black / Reel Length: 4m - 15m / Dielectric Voltage Withstand: 2500V, 60 Seconds, No Breakdown / Flammability: VW-1 / UL Approved / RoHS Compliant / Zero Halogen

Recommended Sizes

Please see below for our recommended bundle / cable diameter sizes for each size of heat shrink. Just click on the size in the table to select the right size!

Heat Shrink Inner Diameter (Pre-Shrink) Recommended Bundle Size (Diameter)
1.2mm 0.7mm - 1.0mm
1.6mm 1.0mm - 1.4mm
2.4mm 1.4mm - 1.9mm
3.2mm 1.9mm - 2.9mm
4.8mm 2.9mm - 3.8mm
6.4mm 3.8mm - 5.6mm
9.5mm 5.6mm - 7.7mm
12.7mm 7.7mm - 11.4mm
19.1mm 11.4mm - 15.3mm
25.4mm 15.3mm - 20.3mm
Please note: 6.4mm diameter and smaller heat shrink tubing is supplied round, and 9.5mm diameter and above is supplied flat (as pictured).

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