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When choosing a heat gun and deciding on which one is the best heat gun for heat shrink tubing, it is first and foremost important to ensure the heat gun is suitable for your specific needs.

It is also important to consider the following factors and features when considering the available heat gun options.

Temperature control

For ease of use, look for a heat gun with adjustable temperature settings (such as the Draper 1800W Electric Heat Gun). Ability to control the temperature allows you to customise the heat level based on the type and size of the heat shrink tubing you are using, making using heat shrink tubing easier and more consistent. 

Airflow control

Some heat guns also offer additional adjustable airflow settings. This can be useful for controlling the intensity of the heat and preventing damage to sensitive materials.

Nozzle attachments

Many heat guns come with various nozzle attachments. A nozzle focused on directing heat precisely can be beneficial for shrinking tubing without affecting nearby components.

Safety features

Consider safety features such as overheat protection and ergonomic designs. Overheat protection can prevent the heat gun from becoming too hot and causing damage or injury.

Size and portability

While we always recommend electrical heat guns such as the Draper 2000W Electric Heat Gun for professional and frequent use, sometimes it may not be possible to use an electric heat gun on the go. At times the sheer size of the electrical heat guns might prevent you from warming up heat shrink effectively in hard-to-reach places.

One of the key benefits of butane heat guns such as the Iroda Micro-Therm Flameless Heat Gun is that you do not need a power source to operate the heat gun, and because the heat gun does not need any electrical components or heating elements; these kind of heat guns are usually extremely compact and perfect for on-the-go heat shrinking.


While the answer to the question what is the best heat gun for heat shrink tubing depends on how often you plan on using the heat gun, and what kind of features are important to you specifically - the best heat guns will be all well built and have features that ensure safe operation and consistent level of heat enabling you to heat shrink effectively and safely.

Finally, always make sure to check the shrinking temperature of the heat shrink you are using (our heat shrink tubing shrinks at 90°C for example), and be careful not to melt or burn the heat shrink tubing by keeping a safe distance between the heat gun and the heat shrink tubing. To find out how the heat shrink tubing behaves with the heat gun in different conditions; be sure to do a few tests to ensure you are using the heat guns correctly and safely and getting consistent results!


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