Are all black cable ties UV resistant? -

What are UV stabilised cable ties?

UV stabilised cable ties are a crucial solution for businesses and individuals seeking durable and reliable fastening options in outdoor environments, where cable ties are frequently exposed to UV rays.

These cable ties, also known as UV ties or weather-resistant cable ties, are specifically designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions. The ultraviolet stabilisers incorporated into their composition provide an added layer of protection against the degrading effects of UV rays, ensuring longevity and performance.

Whether securing cables, organising outdoor events, or managing landscaping projects, UV resistant cable ties offer enhanced resistance to weathering, preventing brittleness and loss of tensile strength over time. These cable ties can also be used in various indoor applications such as laboratories where UV rays are commonly used to sterilise and clean equipment.

Are all black cable ties UV resistant?

A common question we get is whether all black cable ties are UV resistant. While the black colour generally provides some degree of UV protection for black cable ties, not all black cable ties are automatically UV resistant.

It is therefore essential to check the specific product specifications to ensure UV resistance, and to use the correct cable tie for the specific application and weather conditions.


Choosing these cable ties not only ensures the longevity of your installations but also contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of outdoor applications such as solar panel installations. With their ability to endure the elements, UV resistant cable ties are an indispensable solution for anyone seeking a reliable and long-lasting fastening solution in outdoor settings, or any other application where weather resistance is a concern.

Our UV stabilised cable ties are the perfect choice for any outdoor application and project that requires a quality cable tie that can withstand the sun's rays and the harsh elements.

UV Stabilised Cable Ties


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