The Strongest Cable Ties Every Professional Needs to Know About

As a professional, finding the right tool for the job is essential. Using the wrong tool can cause delay and even damage your work, incurring a hefty expense and loss of time. In most electrical or mechanical projects, cable ties or zip ties are an integral and essential component.

Because cable ties come in various sizes, materials, and strengths - choosing the right one can be overwhelming, especially for novices or professionals new to different types of cable ties. In this article, we'll discuss the strongest cable ties we think every professional should have in their toolkit.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Strongest Cable Ties - Metal Cable Ties

When it comes to sheer tensile strength, there is no better choice than a stainless steel cable tie. Stainless steel cable ties are the strongest and toughest kind of cable ties available on the market that money can buy.

These ties are perfect for extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, making them the go-to cable tie for heavy-duty applications, marine projects, and oil rigs. Our strongest stainless steel cable ties have a tensile strength of 320kg - enough to secure large and bulky cables and wires with ease.

For outdoor applications where long-term resistance to elements is required, we recommend using a coated stainless steel cable ties that have a protective layer of polyester on top.

Heavy Duty Standard Nylon Cable Ties

Strongest Cable Ties - Nylon

Our strongest standard nylon cable ties have a tensile strength of 114kg, making them the perfect choice for projects where you require a high quality solution, that is not going to break the bank!

For outdoor projects where you wish to use a nylon cable tie and the longevity of the cable tie is crucial; we recommend using our UV stabilised version of the standard nylon cable tie. These ties have the same tensile strength of 114kg as the standard ones, but they will be suitable for outdoor use for up to 8 years (depending on weather conditions)!

Heavy Duty Nylon Metal Tooth Cable Ties

Strongest Cable Ties - Metal Tooth Cable Ties

Nylon cable ties with a metal tooth made from stainless steel teeth are a step up from the standard nylon cable ties that offer improved tensile strength in smaller cable tie sizes. The stainless steel tooth provides an extra layer of security, making them ideal for confined spaces and vibrating environments.

Our 7.5mm width metal tooth cable ties with stainless steel teeth have a tensile strength of 60 kilograms. For context, the standard 7.6mm nylon cable ties have a tensile strength of 54.4 kilograms. The metal tooth cable ties are also more flexible than their standard nylon counterparts, due to the lack of serration in the strap. 


The right cable tie can make a job more manageable and produce better results in the long run. Choose the right cable tie for your job to ensure a successful and efficient project. For pure tensile strength and extreme conditions, go with our premium stainless steel cable ties. For other projects, you can choose the cable ties that are more suited for your project, budget, and individual use cases as discussed above!

Strongest Cable Ties


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