Ultra Violet Stabilised Cable Ties

Although the Cableties.co.uk standard range of cable ties are suitable for a wide range of applications, there are times when a more specialised solution is required. One such example is with our range of Ultra Violet Stabilised Cable Ties.

Ultra Violet radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation, predominately produced by our Sun.

Although the effects of this radiation on our skin are universally known, prolonged exposure to UV radiation can also have an adverse affect on a range of polymeric materials – namely cable ties. This effect is known as UV degradation and can cause such polymers to become brittle if overexposed.

UV degradation can be prevented by adding anti-UV chemicals to the ingredients prior to the injection moulding of the cable ties. These chemicals will act in a similar way to the sun cream we apply to our bodies by absorbing the radiation and dissipating the energy as low level heat.

Our UV stabilised cable ties are tested under very strict conditions. This involves leaving them under a xenon-arc lamp in a controlled environment for 1000 hours and intermittently spraying the cable ties with water. Each sample is then tested to make sure it meets the maximum required strength for a time of 60 seconds. The cable ties will only be shipped to our distribution centre if all of the samples pass this rigorous testing process.

Our UV stabilised cable ties are used in a number of different outdoor environments across the world as well as in a number of specialised manufacturing facilities.

Similarly to our standard range of cable ties, these can be also be tightened and cut using one of our cable tie tensioning tools.

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